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Spotlight on Apprenticeships: SnapIT

SnapIT Solutions is a local tech solutions company, providing software and hardware designs, creating products that are challenging and cutting-edge. Founded by Neelima Parasker in 2015, SnapIT Solutions is also a woman-owned company. It's also a company that focuses on more than just software and hardware development. They develop workforce solutions and create opportunities. Their partnership with the Full Employment Council is one of the many ways SnapIT makes an impact on the Kansas City region. This partnership allows SnapIT to offer training to qualified students, as well as paid apprenticeships.

"SnapIT Solutions' staffing approach is based upon training unemployed or underemployed people to provide them with the opportunity to find an entry level position in IT," said Alan Krause, vice president of SnapIT Solutions. "I love that approach, but the reason I work at SnapIT is because we offer apprenticeships ourselves to many of our students. I wake up every morning with a renewed passion to help our employees change their own lives."

Krause believes that apprentices tend to be more loyal to the company than college graduates. Apprentices also tend to support others within the company, and help them reach their own goals of success.

Krause says the goal of SnapIT is to "look like Kansas City," and the apprenticeships they offer allow the company to do just that. He explained, "SnapIT's apprenticeship hiring strategy has resulted in an incredibly diverse team. 60% of our developers have participated in our apprenticeship program. Just under half of our staff are minorities, closely 60% are women, more than 10% identify as LGBTQIA+ and just under 10% are disabled." SnapIT and the Full Employment Council work together in providing these opportunities to qualified residents, as partners in workforce development. Employers interested in starting an apprenticeship program should contact Rohina Behrmann at People who would like to see if they qualify for free training in information technology, or an apprenticeship in IT, can start the process today here. The Full Employment Council is celebrating National Apprenticeship Week. To learn more about NAW, visit here.

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