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Train for your new career debt-free through the FEC.

We offer multiple pathways to help you launch your new career, from traditional classroom training, to "earn while you learn" opportunities that provide a paycheck while you learn a new trade or skill up in your current field!

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An apprenticeship is an educational training strategy that prepares people for professional employment through a combination of classroom instruction and on-the-job training in a structured employment setting, under proper supervision of a skilled worker, which results in an
industry-recognized certification.

The FEC offers non-traditional apprenticeships in areas like healthcare and IT, as well as more traditional apprenticeships.

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Classroom Training

FEC's classroom training is designed to lead to a diploma, certificate or credential in one of our five career pathways. We partner with local educational institutions and employers to provide just-in-time, cohort-based learning so we are always enrolling! Once your training is complete, we provide you with professional job placement services, as well as supportive services for the first year of employment.

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On-the-Job Training

Become a member of the team, and work with area employers to learn a skill on the job while being paid.

Paid Work Experience

The FEC can connect you to paid opportunities that allow you to gain work experience, build up your resume and earn a paycheck!

Paid Internships

The FEC can fund paid internships with local employers that allow you to explore a new career path, gain experience, and may result in a full-time job offer upon completion!

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