Information Technology

Information Technology, or IT, is the application of technology to solve business or organizational problems. No matter what the occupation, a member of an IT department works with others to solve technology problems. We have paths for people at every level of knowledge, so whether you are a beginner, an expert, or somewhere in between, the FEC has something for you.

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Why IT?

Technology is the now AND the future.

  • Like solving puzzles and fixing things? There's an IT job for that

  • Like learning how things work and making them better? There's an IT job for that

  • Like working with others and finding solutions to everyday tasks? Yep, there's an IT job for that​​

The field of technology has a bright future and there's a spot for you in its light!​

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How We Can Help

The Full Employment Council is here to connect you with the resources and trainings to get on the IT fast track. With certification classes taught by leading professionals in the industry from local training providers, you'll be on target to join this high-paying career field. And the FEC will be supporting you on the path with:

  • Debt-Free Certification

  • Short-Term Training

  • No Prior Experience Needed

  • Virtual Classes

  • Laptop Provided

Let us know you're interested and explore our current course options, with more added every month!​

Available Courses

AWS - Amazon Web Services

9 Week Program

AWS is the world's most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud platform, offering over 200 fully featured services from data centers globally. Cloud computing is the future of technology and continues to grow at a record pace. This class offers basic understanding of what the cloud is and how it is a part of basic networking with the internet, with a focus on the most popular cloud platform.

Offered by SnapIT Solutions

IT Support Specialist

8 Week Program

Businesses use computers to grow in all aspects and these computers need service like any other machine. This course provides students with the skills needed to service computers, troubleshoot software, and help the company excel. In this training of IT Technical Support, students will learn valuable skills, such as communication and troubleshooting, which will provide a strong basis for future career expansion in the world of technology.

Offered by SnapIT Solutions

Introduction to Cyber Security & Networking

5 Week Program

This program is designed to help students with no prior technology background get into the rapidly growing technology industry. As technology continues to expand, so does the need to keep information secure. In this course, students learn the basics of computer networking and the fundamentals of protecting a network and the data contained within.

Offered by SnapIT Solutions

Salesforce (Customer Relationship Management) Administration

8 Week Program

In only 8 weeks start a new career in a fast-growing IT sector, learning the most popular system that serves businesses across all industries. Companies use Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems to better manage records, identify sales opportunities, connect with customers to drive business growth, and much more. Salesforce is ranked as the most popular CRM product on the market, so learning this valuable software gives students all the tools needed to succeed.

Offered by SnapIT Solutions

Computer Literacy Essentials

Self-Paced Program

Learn how to work in today’s world of technology with best practices on the very basics of computers, including personal computers (PCs), laptops and smartphones. The course covers the different ways to interact with different hardware (aka physical computer components) and software (aka the programs and applications you will encounter when actually using a computer). Important information on internet safety is also covered.

Offered by SnapIT Solutions

Project Management

9 Week Program

Learn the fundamentals of what it really means to be a Project Manager. A course in Project Management teaches you how to organize, coordinate and guide the efforts of many, all working toward a specific goal. It requires an understanding of specific ethics and strategies, as identified by the Project Management Institute, which the SnapIT Solutions trainers teach. Once complete, you’ll be prepared for a future career of developing teams, hitting targets and reaching goals.

Offered by SnapIT Solutions

Digital Marketing & Analytics

16 Week Program
Start Date: October 18
Schedule: Tuesdays – Thursdays | 9am-11am

Advertisements are all around us. With the increase of internet usage and online platforms, the ability to understand digital marketing and the analysis that goes into it is increasingly important in the business world. Gain insight into brand strategies, social media, search engine optimization and more.

Offered by UMKC School of Computing and Engineering - Course Flyer

Computer Technician Certification - CompTIA A+

4 Week Program
Start Date: October 25
Schedule: Fulltime (160 hours)

Become a valuable part of any company's team as an IT Technician, with an industry-recognized certification in CompTIA A+. This course will give you the background knowledge and skills to launch your IT career while proving your ability to find solutions and succeed in the ever-evolving world of IT.

Offered by UMKC School of Computing and Engineering - Course Flyer

Web Application Development (using JavaScript)

9 Week Program

JavaScript shows up nearly every time you use the internet. This can be when Google gives you automatic suggestions while you type, or if a webpage updates without you doing anything to trigger it. Learning how JavaScript can be used with every day web activity is a valuable asset to a company looking to grow their business and engage customers over the internet.

Offered by SnapIT Solutions

Web Developer Fundamentals (HTML / CSS / JavaScript + Wordpress)

16 Week Program
Start Date: November 2021
Schedule: Tentatively Mon/Tues/Wed 5:30-7:30pm
Learn the fundamentals of web development, with a variety of aspects covered giving foundational knowledge of servers, databases, website setup and strong understanding of HTML and other computer languages. No prior knowledge needed.

Offered by UMKC School of Computing and Engineering - Course Flyer


Man Hands On Keyboard

CARLOS S. SnapIT Grad &
FEC Member

I didn't want to spend 4 plus years pursuing a degree if I had to put myself into financial debt, so I decided to drop out and look for a quicker, less expensive way. I needed a more hands-on approach.

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LISA C. - SnapIT Grad &
FEC Member

Through the tech training, taught by an experienced software engineer from the local tech firm SnapIT Solutions, I discovered a passion for programming that I otherwise never would have been exposed to. The tech program completely transformed my life; now, all I want is to see more people benefit from this program the way that I did.

Online Class

JO LEE W. - SnapIT Grad & 
FEC Member

Is has been nice to know that no matter what your knowledge or experience level you can grasp and use this information in the job market right now. It is never too late to learn a new skill or brush up on an old one.

We also offer pathways to the following career tracks within the IT field, based upon funding and the current offerings of our educational and training partners:

  • Software Developer

  • Computer System Analyst

  • Computer User Support Specialist

  • Network and Computer Systems Administrator

  • Computer Programmer

  • Computer and Information Systems Manager

  • Computer Network Architect

  • Software Developer

  • Web Developer

  • Architectural and Engineering Manager

  • Computer Controlled Machine Tool Operator

  • Database Administrator

  • Information Security Analyst

  • Operations Research Analyst

  • Actuary

  • Computer Network Support Specialist

  • Project Manager

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