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On the Road to Success: A CDL Leads to a Career

Kellie Allen worked in jobs that weren’t long-term, and held no future possibilities. She was interested in finding a career. She registered with the Eastern Jackson County Full Employment Council location in Independence, and, with funding through the FEC, decided to go for her Commercial Driver’s License (CDL). She also qualified for supportive services through the FEC, which helped provide Kellie with transportation assistance.

She enrolled in the Apex CDL Institute. Her classroom training began in the beginning of February. By March, she had successfully completed her CDL Class A training by on the19th. She took her state-mandated test the same day and passed it, earning her CDL.

Kellie secured a position as a driver with Schneider Transportation upon completion of her classroom training. She now has what she’s always wanted – an actual career.

"Kellie was a fantastic customer and worked hard to complete her program,” said FEC Counselor Tom Dean.

Transportation is a steadily growing industry in Missouri. Through 2026, growth among truck driving jobs in Missouri is anticipated at 3 percent, bringing the workforce of company drivers to over 47,000 drivers at the end of the period.

The Full Employment Council offers CDL classes that start every Monday to help workers get certified in this field, and to meet Missouri’s growing demand for well-trained drivers.

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