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Medicaid Expansion in Missouri

Medicaid expansion means more Missourians qualify for low-cost or free health insurance through Medicaid. Expansion changed the income rules to raise the amount of money you can make and still qualify. And, low-income adults without children qualify.

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What is Medicaid?

Medicaid is a government program that provides public health insurance to adults with low income and children who qualify. Medicaid is run by the Department of Social Services Family Support Division (FSD) and is called MO HealthNet

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Do I qualify for Medicaid now that it expanded?

More parents and adults without children qualify.

Reference the chart to see if you might qualify under the new expansion.

What types of health care does Medicaid cover? 

  • Inpatient hospital services if you need to stay overnight at a hospital

  • Outpatient services such as doctor visits, mental health services, and lab tests

  • Medicines prescribed by your doctor

  • Family care such as care by a nurse-midwives and family planning services and supplies

  • Screening, prevention, and treatment for children, such as vaccines and check-ups

  • Nursing facility care, home care, and medical equipment such as wheelchairs and hearing aids

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