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MWA Leads to Success for Clay County Resident

When she lived in Mississippi, Tiffany Halvorsen did odd jobs to keep her family afloat. But when she moved to Kansas City, she knew she wanted something better for herself and her family. She visited the Northland Full Employment Council, where she learned about the Missouri Work Assistance (MWA) program, which was offering a paid internship at that very location. Tiffany made it through the interview process, and was hired as a Customer Service Associate at the FEC, near her home in Gladstone. She also began studying for her high school equivalency test, or HiSET, exam. Tiffany worked hard during her internship at the FEC, and became a valued member of the team. She worked closely with the Northland staff, and learned how to assist other FEC clients through the process, including how to use the MO Jobs system and where to find information about scholarships and training opportunities. Tiffany completed the internship at the FEC, and was eager to put her new skills to the test. Her HiSET instructor, who was remained impressed with Tiffany’s ability to study while maintaining a full-time job, encouraged Tiffany to apply for a full-time job opening she knew about, with a great rate of pay and benefits. Tiffany applied, interviewed…and got the job!

The FEC internship, funded by the MWA program, allowed Tiffany to “earn while she learned,” so she could continue to provide for her family. And because of her hard work and dedication, Tiffany is no longer looking at a future of dead-end jobs. Instead, she is on a career path that she enjoys, and one that will allow her to give her family the gift of financial stability.

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