Job Corps Youth 'Exceeding Expectations' in FEC-Funded Work Experiences

Updated: Jun 23

The Full Employment Council partnered with the Excelsior Springs Job Corps Center to fund paid work experiences for Job Corps youth. These paid work experiences allow current students to gain valuable experience within their chosen trade, learn employability skills, and earn some money. "We have a great and longstanding relationship with Job Corps," said Clyde McQueen, President and CEO of the Full Employment Council. "We support their mission, and are always glad to assist them in providing opportunities for youth in any way that we can." Job Corps serves youth ages 16 to 24, so the work experience they gain while on campus is sometimes the first job experience they've ever had. The trades available at Job Corps include culinary arts, security. medical office support, certified medical assisting, facilities maintenance, carpentry, welding, painting, and cement masonry. Currently, the paid work experiences are spread across a number of the available trades. "It's been going well and students have been working diligently on center and very much enjoying the work they’ve been charged with doing," said Tia Douglas of Job Corps. "They have exceeded beyond expectation." Valley Manor and Rehab of Excelsior Springs is an enthusiastic host to six current students, who are working as Environmental Aides.

"They have shown great enthusiasm with this line of work," said Doreen Hasenback of Valley Manor and Rehab. She referred to the students as "real go-getters" and is impressed that they have already learned their residents, and are willing to do whatever the residents need or want. "The residents love them all," said Doreen. "We want to continue with this partnership as long as we can." Once the youth are done with their education at Job Corps, the Full Employment Council will assist in finding them full-time careers within their trades, then provide them with continued support as they transition from students to employees. The FEC can provide paid work experiences to youth. Interested? Begin registration at

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