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FEC Highlights Apprenticeship Benefits at Apprenticeship Missouri Summit

Shelley Penn, Senior Vice President and COO of the Full Employment Council facilitated a discussion on the benefits of apprenticeship at the Apprenticeship Missouri Summit, hosted by the Missouri Department of Higher Education and Workforce Development on November 15. In 2019, Missouri established a goal of having 20,000 apprentices by 2025. Apprenticeship Missouri has surpassed this milestone 30 months ahead of schedule. Missouri currently ranks fourth in the nation for completed apprenticeships, third in the nation for new apprentices, and sixth for active apprentices. There are more than 4,700 active employers, with 48 registered youth programs, 22 state expansion partners and 11 Missouri ready programs in the apprenticeship program with over 100 new occupations in the high demand industries of health care, transportation and logistics, advanced manufacturing, technology, maintenance and repair and technology. Other panelists in attendance were Rohina Behrmann, Director of Employer Development- Special Projects; Scott Boyce, Workforce Development Program Manager, University of Central Missouri; Trisha Pepper, Manager of Recruitment, John Knox Village and Pam Bean, Vice President- Ambulatory Care, University Health.

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