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Green Careers

A green career can be any occupation that is affected by activities such as conserving energy, developing alternative energy, reducing pollution, or recycling. Taking on a green career means making a positive impact in the community around you that can have lasting effects for generations to come. We offer fast-track training, in partnership with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), which may include OSHA and CDL certifications.

Why Green?

Green Careers will not go out of style, as there are growing needs to repurpose land, update existing structures and make spaces safer. Continued efforts include Brownfields projects, where land is revitalized to return to productive use, and Hazardous Waste removal, where waste known to have a harmful effect on health or environment is safely contained and disposed of.

Person In Safety Gear On Construction Site

How We Can Help

The Full Employment Council partners with the local EPA to provide opportunities to our members who are interested in making a difference while landing a lasting and lucrative career. Courses are taught by industry professionals, with certification options to provide you an expansive resume of skills and knowledge. Let us know you’re interested and ready to explore a green future!

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