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Opening Doors with an IT Apprenticeship

Christian Barrett was delivering mail for the post office before life changed for many in 2020. He saw this time as a “really great opportunity to switch gears and try something else,” said Christian. He contacted the Full Employment Council and was connected with an AWS (Amazon Web Services) course through local tech company, SnapIT. This course gave him the opportunity to connect in a small group setting, where the professor was also a professional in the field and could provide answers to the many questions posed over the 100 hour-long training.

With opportunities to ask questions and have professionals available to show possible career pathways, Christian found his time learning about AWS and tech in general invaluable in deciding his next steps. Once he received his AWS certification, the Full Employment Council was able to connect him with employment close to his home in a field that he’s very interested in. The FEC also keeps in touch, making Christian “feel very supported” as he continues his employment at REKO Fulfillment as an E-Commerce Specialist.

For others considering their next steps and curious about apprenticeships, Christian had this to say: “Go ahead and do it! It’s a very good opportunity and not one you stumble across often. It lets you open up a lot of doors and test the waters. Where you don’t have to go out on your own because there are resources and structure that can help anyone who may be struggling to find their next steps.”

Let an Apprenticeship help chart your next path! Connect with the Full Employment Council to learn more and explore your options for paid experience and industry-recognized credentials.

Employers interested in starting an apprenticeship program should contact Rohina Behrmann at People who would like to see if they qualify for free training in information technology, or an apprenticeship in IT, can start the process today here. The Full Employment Council is celebrating National Apprenticeship Week. To learn more about NAW, visit here.

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