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FEC Hosts Job Corps Students for National Apprenticeship Week

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

On November 17, the FEC hosted around 50 students from the Excelsior Springs Job Corps Center. The event gave Job Corps students a chance to learn more about opportunities available in the KC region, and the opportunity to network with regional employers in need of skilled workers. FEC President and CEO Clyde McQueen facilitated the event. "Apprenticeships have paved the way for workforce boards to increase diversity, equity and inclusion in high growth sectors and specialized occupations by connecting marginalized communities to jobs that have eluded them with clear career pathways opportunities with negotiated wage progressions,” Shelley Penn, FEC COO and Senior VP said.

“Excelsior Springs Job Corps Center is a proud employment partner in the training of today’s labor force. Apprenticeship opportunities ensure our graduates are able, through on the job training and support, to transition seamlessly and successfully into their chosen career paths,” said Excelsior Springs Job Corps Center Director Lori Sams

“This is an exciting opportunity for our students,” Director of Career Transition Services Tammy Harrelson said. “Our students will learn and explore the opportunities available to them after graduating our program. Apprenticeship could be on their career path and hopefully learning from these professionals will ignite a small flame within them to push through the difficult times in order to reach their dreams.” Employer partners in attendance included Janis Kerr Reed, Co-founder & CEO of Reko Direct; June Berry, Human Resources Manager at Kansas City Area Transit Authority; Trisha Pepper, Manager of Recruitment and Employment at John Knox Village; Gigi Jones, Owner of GiGi’s Vegan Café; and Kora Miggins, Manager, UHTMC PC for Family Health and UH Care Connection – MA Apprentice Liaison.

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