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A Life-Changing Opportunity

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

Steve Simmons had been seeking positions with graphic design companies, but his options were limited, and he felt like he was stuck in the middle of nowhere. He was concerned he would have to settle for less, while trying to support his wife and two children. After reviewing the training opportunities through Full Employment Council, he realized that getting training in JavaScript might prove to be beneficial. With the ongoing support of his FEC counselor, he took a chance and enrolled.

Simmons had wanted to pursue a career in web development, but never had the time or the funds for the training. An apprenticeship with SnapIT was the answer. When asked about his experience and outlook for the future, Steve expressed his gratitude that the Full Employment Council could show him a path to success through apprenticeship. “The help you all and the FEC gave to me has literally changed my life! I can’t thank you enough," said Simmons. The training he received was helpful and relevant to his chosen field. "I learned a lot of technologies and industry practices that I had never used before. I was lucky enough to practice setting up and working with real life projects that mimicked a lot of what I'd eventually be doing daily on the job," Simmons said. Simmons encourages others considering apprenticeship as a pathway to success to go for it. "It can literally change your life," said Simmons.

If you are feeling stuck where you are and are curious about expanding your options, let the Full Employment Council help! Connect today to learn more and explore options in a variety of life-changing careers, all starting with a paid Apprenticeship offering industry-recognized credentials.

Employers interested in starting an apprenticeship program should contact Rohina Behrmann at People who would like to see if they qualify for free training in information technology, or an apprenticeship in IT, can start the process today here. The Full Employment Council is celebrating National Apprenticeship Week. To learn more about NAW, visit here.

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