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Complete the MO JOBS application here. This is required for all members and registration gets you access to FEC workshops, job placement services, resume help and more. Estimated time to complete is 15 minutes.

Is that all you need? Skip to step 3! If you want tuition-free training, proceed to step 2. 

Interested in getting access to tuition-free training, in addition to our FEC member benefits? Great! We've got a form for that. Fill out this application here, and either save it to your device, print it, or both. (You're going to need that later, so hold on to it.) 

You'll also need to make sure you have the documentation included in this list. Once you've got your application saved and your documents together, go to step 3.


(Please note that training is dependent upon eligibility and funding availability.)

CALL US! Contact your local FEC office, or call the main number, and let us know you have completed all the necessary forms. We'll take it from there. Welcome to the FEC!


 Currently serving
Kansas City and Cass County 

1740 Paseo Blvd.
Kansas City, MO 64108
MAIN NUMBER: 816-691-2258


 Currently serving
Clay, Platte and Ray Counties 

3100 NE 83rd St., Ste. 2800
Kansas City, MO 64119
MAIN NUMBER: 816-468-8767


 Currently serving Eastern Jackson County / Independence
15301 E. 23rd St.
Independence, MO 64055
MAIN NUMBER: 816-521-5700

Why should you register online?

We want to connect you with the best jobs and free training available in the Kansas City area, and get you access to all of our supportive services, in the most convenient way we can. But we also want to keep your information safe while doing it. 

Computers still not your thing? That's ok! You can always call us and make an appointment to come see us in-person. We'll guide you through it - just make sure you bring in the documents we need so we can get everything done at once.

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