Updated: Oct 25, 2018

DAY 2 – HEALTHCARE & WORKFORCE DEVELOPMENT COLLABORATIONS Focusing on best practices, the Full Employment Council invited the Missouri Health Care Association (MHCA) to speak about the very successful partnership that has grown between us over the years. The Missouri Health Care Association is Missouri's largest association of licensed, long term health care facilities, residential care facilities and assisted living facilities with nearly 320 facility members. MHCA acts as the official healthcare intermediary on behalf of FEC.

Missouri Hospital Association (MHA) began the Healthcare and Workforce discussion on Thursday, October 18, by sharing the history of MHA and its relationship with FEC. The mission of MHA is to establish a network between hospitals to create a community to share medical knowledge and resources in efforts of creating better care and health. MHA has worked with FEC to improve employee applicant quality, job interest, and understanding. MHA shared its strategy to increase employee job readiness and to decrease job turnover, by utilizing workshops that educate applicants on what healthcare jobs require and job functions. MHA has worked with FEC to provide a community pipeline to health care careers by improving client match, broadening skills, and helping participants continue to grow professionally.

Human resources representatives from Children’s Mercy Hospital and Clinics, St. Luke's Hospital and John Knox Village, a senior living/retirement community, joined the conversation during the second half of the day and shared how they are meeting current staffing needs through their partnership with FEC. FEC works to find viable applicants interested in becoming candidates for hire, increase job fair attendance, and assist Children’s Mercy in training and connecting employees.

Children’s Mercy shared their successes with a new program curated to increase company loyalty and longevity by providing education for entry level employees to become RN’s and develop career paths that lead to an increase in income and make the road to college education more accessible because of their ability to support themselves along the way.

Later that afternoon, a bus filled with MUS members pulled up to Arrowhead Stadium. As the bus unloaded, former Kansas City Chiefs Wide Receiver, Chris Penn, greeted the group and escorted them on their exclusive tour. The tour was complete with penthouse views, a visit to the Chiefs locker room, and Hall of Honor history lessons. It’s safe to say, Kansas City has a least 20 new (secret) fans now!

MUS Board Members on Arrowhead Stadium Tour

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