The Community Backed Anti-Drug Tax (COMBAT) program provides long-term career planning and placement assistance to juveniles in treatment and rehabilitation, and those at-risk, whose primary offenses are drug-related. The program serves ex-offenders ages 18-24 who are:
  • unemployed
  • re-entering the population
  • on probation
  • have long-term unemployment prospects
The primary focus is to provide training and employment opportunities to this population through recruitment, job skills and employment assessment, training through career clinics, basic computer operation and on line job searches, and ultimately, full time employment.

COMBAT is funded by the Jackson County Anti-Drug Sales Tax.

For more information about the program, contact Director Dot Coleman at 816-471-2330 or, or visit the COMBAT website.



The Full Employment Council, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer/Program.
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