KC Neighborhood Works

The Full Employment Council, Inc. (FEC), in partnership with the City of Kansas City, MO, Public Works-Solid Waste Division and Water Services Department, and the National Association of Construction Contractors Cooperation, Inc. (NACCC), is proud to announce the accomplishments of the Kansas City Neighborhood Works project. The project, which stemmed from an idea by NACCC and the FEC to provide work for Kansas City, MO residents that did not find employment from the Kansas City Police Department East Patrol Construction Project earlier in the summer, provided city-wide clean-up of debris and trash in alleyways, right of ways, and City-owned properties, as well as mowing, trimming, and edging overgrown areas. In addition, the program provided for painting of City fire hydrants. 66 area residents participated in the program; 42 were trained in OSHA-10 Certification through the FEC (the other 24 were already certified.) Kansas City Public Works-Solid Waste Division identified the areas to be cleaned up, and removed trash, tires, and debris from the sites. Kansas City Water Services identified fire hydrants to be painted, and provided paint and other needed materials.
Highlights of the Program:
August 7 – October 4:    131.16 tons, or 262,320 pounds, of trash collected
                                                                620 tires collected and disposed of
                                                                1,956 fire hydrants painted

To see stunning before and after photos from the program, visit our Website at:  www.facebook.com/FullEmploymentCouncil


The Full Employment Council, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer/Program.
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Auxiliary Aids are available upon request to individuals with disabilities | TTY/TDD: MO Relay Service at 711